Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen Announcement Please!!

Hi everyone! Announcement Please!

I have moved some of the blogs to another BLOG (Website), which is called Nelson's Blog. Main reason is to reorganize the blog so that only KCP's members will be kept in this blog.

If you have time, please do visit my new blog called "Nelson's Blog":
Just click here --->> http://nelsonnetwork.blogspot.com or click on the above title.

On this new blog, You can meet my friends (Mostly Non-KCP members) and knows my interest. You are welcome to give comments on this new blog too.
Let's have a GOOD start from this YEAR! HAPPY YEAR of DOG!

I think you all still celebrating CNY now. Happy Holidays!


Weng Hwa said...

Hi Nelson, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

Why not create a KCP contact list? Info such as Company, Home address, Tel, Email add. and etc.

I will invite Seong Chin, Teong Guan and Ewe Wai to join the KCP blog.

Nelson said...

Weng Hwa, are you working today? or At home?

Happy CNY to you too!

KCP list? I think it is not good to display our information to public. What do you think?

Good! Please ask them to send their recent photos/family photos to me. Will be great to see our group getting closer soon.

Weng Hwa said...

Working lah. Kind of free as a lot of people still on leave.

Regarding the list, you can use Excel and set with password. Send the password to the KCP members separately. Let's hear more input from the rest.

Nelson said...

Excel? How to load it on the Blog?

Weng Hwa do you have Any idea? Sorry I only know how to load JPEG files and Videos on Blog at the moment. If you know the way to do so please let me know.

Working already? Too early lah! I thought you might be took a week a least.

I used to take a week holiday when I worked in my X-company last time.

By the way, did you "KENA" any Lottery or 4-D or TOTO during this New Year? Small Gambling might be fun to do so!! He he....update me somelah!

Happy working man!

Kok Kian said...

Hey I start work today also. I used to take 1 week holiday as well but I just joined the company so not entitled to take annual leave until I get confirmed. Any leave taken now will be treated as unpaid leave and that's $$$ gone. So I decided to come back early.

Regarding the contact list. I suggest to put it in Yahoo /Outlook address. You can put everything here, including birthday, no. of son, etc here. Then you can export it and send it to everyone in a Address Book file. Everyone can then download and import into their Yahoo / Outlook.

Kian Hwa said...

Look like Weng Hwa, Kok Kian & Nelson is comment all the time. We need to bring in more members already. I am able to meet up Ta Yeap & Thiam Heng in Ipoh. Ta Yeap is going to have doggy baby boy on this coming May 2006. According to Ta Yeap, he is not able to access to internet due to the recent joined company IGB have limitation on this. For Thiam Heng, there is not much changes except for more busy now.

Nelson said...

Kian Hwa,
Do you have contact with CK HA?

I think he is still around in Malaysia (maybe at KL now), he might be backed on Saturday or Sunday soon. Please find out!

Kok Kian,
Contact list?? I think the best way is everybody update your information of kids and job location (without company names is Okay) on this blog.

Or refer the list is already made by Kian Hwa on 360 yahoo.

And I think the contact list should be sent only by EMAIL.

Any good ideas? comments, Folks?

heng gee said...

when are u guys going to get a reunion going? that way u can get the name cards :)

posting the info on the www is a risk. if u hv to do it, emails will be better.