Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's Meet Kok Kian

Here is Kok Kian,

Hello Kok Kian thank you for calling me too.
Really regret that we didn't meet in KL. I was busy to visit my relatives and my parent wanted to be with me as often as possible. Actually not much time left in KL.

Okay! What about coming over to Japan? I guess the best seasons still around Oct to Nov, I like Autumn good weather too. I can bring you to visit the temples at KYOTO.

As you know I didn't have any of your family photos, therefore this photo is attached. I wish you could send me your recent photos too. I believed many of KCP members wish to know your status.

Please give your comment on this BLOG!
Wishing you a prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!


Kok Kian said...

wow my wedding photo is posted here. that was like century ago. i hv got 2 sons already now! one age 3 1/2 yrs old and the other 8 mths now.

i will send you some photos in an email.

Nelson said...

Kok Kian good to hear from you!

Where are you now? at KL or other countries? Please udpate me some.

Okay after received your photos, I will paste it on the blog. Cheers!