Monday, January 23, 2006

Update information from Kok Kian

Thanks Kok Kian,

Here are the latest family photos from Kok Kian.
Wah, your sons looks like you man! Hei KCP members any comments?

Your wife still look the same.
Please send my regards to your wife too!

Kok kian's personal Email address has been changed please take note.
Not anymore but using


Kok Kian said...

By the way, I guess a given name really reflects one's character. My eldest is named Ming Le (铭乐) and hey he is a real naughty and "play comes first, papa and mama can get lost" type. Whereas our 2nd one is called Ming Jet (铭杰) and he is a bittle serious type. Sometime "Jit都唔笑"

Nelson said...

Wah! your kids are really funny and I think you two should be very busy but still enjoying the family life.

Actually, do you realize that the names which is given by the parent is actually reflect to what they think. Do you?

I do agreed with you Kok Kian, therefore my daughter is named Min Xing (敏幸) because I really wanna to wish her to be lucky + Happy (幸運+幸福))and sensitive (敏感) to everything in her life. Just wish to give her the best in her life.

I think some of you might ask why my daughter is called YUKI.

There was a story behind....
Actually her name in Japanese KANJI is called TOSHI(敏)YUKI(幸)therefore we named her nickname as YUKI(幸). On the other hand YUKI also means SNOW(雪) in Japanese.

Therefore I guess you all can understand why my daughter hate the weather in Bolehland lah......too hot.... the snow will melt! Just kidding.

What about other KCP members?
Any comments about your kids name?

Weng Hwa said...

kok kian, your elder son has your signature-lah.

really salute you. can manage both family and job so well despite your heavy business trip.