Saturday, January 14, 2006

Let's Meet Mr. Loh Family!!

I met Mr.Loh and his family at Ipoh on 23rd of Dec 2005, night time.
I was surprised that his looks the same as 10 years ago. Just a little bit fat but looks better than at KCP time.

Let me show you all some updated photos of Mr.Loh family. I think most of you are interested to see and ask for. (Sorry the photos are not so clear)

As you can see, he has a very happy family, got a boy and a girl, isn't it great! GOOD JOB Mr.Loh!

Once again Thank you Mr.Loh for visited me at Ipoh. I think we had not met since long time ago, I guess just after you have married. I think the time with you is too short, wish to have more time with you.

From these photos you all can feels that he is a good father, 101% sure!
KCP members do you have anything to comment?

Mr. Loh blog address:


Wai Wai and Hwa Hwa Corner said...

Wah!! Nelson, you posted our photo here ah... Your blog page looks so attractive. It makes us want to create one also. Aiyah!! You don't praise him too much ah.... otherwise his head will become too heavy for him!! Hahahaha...

Kok Kian said...

After seeing all of KCPians photos here, I guess all of us have not changed much in terms of look, though I can't say the same in term of size :)

I would nominate Kian Hwa (I hope I got your name spelled correctly) as the "least changed KCPian" based on the photos available. Then radiant smile! You are sure a happy dude.