Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let's Meet Thiam Heng

Hei Thiam Heng,

Thank you for calling me during my stayed in KL.
Good to hear that you have doing well in your career and found the job you dreaming for. I have checked your personal website and saw your beautiful photos. I am envy you that you have a great environment there and living in the natural world. I am dreaming to own one too.

Please check this website:

Here is one of the Poem from Thiam Heng:

I wish you all the best and will found your love one soon!
Hei KCP members, any Girls to introduce Him? His is still SINGLE you know and for sure is one of the Diamond WONG LOH FIVE!


Kok Kian said...

Hi Thiam Heng are you now still in SMDS? You boss also run to MAS already, you better also come back to West Malaysia.

heng gee said...

where is SMDS? what company is that?

btw, nice photos of the sun and the sea. really miss it sometimes because the winter here is cold, moldy, rainy and foggy. yikes.