Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's Meet Wai Yan Family

Hei Wan Yan,

Thank you for calling me during my trip in Bolehland.
I really wanted to meet you and your family members, but too bad I didn't have time to fly to Singapore. I think we have not met each other for long time, can't remember the last date we met.

Anyway, By looking at the photos from your Email it seems that you still keeping your body well and you still look great. I have not met your wife and son in person, just hoping one day will do.

Time is fly! We have been working for nearly 10 years now. I hope we all will be success in our career and we all from the same U but end up with different life.

Wishing you a Prosperous Chinese New Year and GONG XI FA CHAI!!

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Weng Hwa said...

Wai Yan, really kind of surprise to receive your call during CNY. Hopefully can allocate some time to travel to Singapore very soon, then can pay you a visit as well as my other relatives living in S'pore.

So, when planning to get another kid?