Saturday, January 21, 2006

Let's Meet Mr. CK Ha

Mahe Island's map

Hei CK Ha,

Good to hear from you again.
Thank you for your photos of your area.
The beach is beautiful and it looks like a peaceful place for study.

This is Mahe beach.

If possible please send me more photos of your office and house, I am sure many of KCP members interest to see it.

Happy Chinese New Year to you!
Have a nice and safe trip back to Bolehland. (Will be backed to Bolehland for a week holidays from 25th of Jan, about the details and plans please ask him directly, Okay?)


Nelson said...


Please send me your family photos soon!! Will chat with you someday!


heng gee said...

chee kong,
what is the best way to get to seychelles? i believe this was taken there right?

C K Ha said...

Take Air Seychelles from Changi Airport Terminal 1
SIN to SEZ Thursday 0035 - 0330
SEZ to SIN Tuesday 2235 - 0830
Or, use Emarite via Dubai
Or, use Air Mauritius via Mauritius
or, via South Africa
Welcome you all to the Paradise,
See you soon.

Nelson said...


Don't forgot to prepare a REDCARPET for us!! We will meet you at the Airport.

See you soon.

Viswa said...

Another spectacular article from your blog,awesome collection of beach photos,really superb joyful holiday...