Thursday, February 02, 2006

PRE-CAUTION! PC VIRUS or Worm will attack tomorrow!!??

PETALING JAYA: A new malicious computer worm, the BlackMal, which began infecting computers last week, was programmed to launch another attack on Feb 3, and the third of every month thereafter, according to security firm Trend Micro.

The new worm, known variously as Nyxem, KamaSutra, Mywife, and CME-24, had infected hundreds of thousands of machines over the past week, said Jamz Yaneza, senior threat analyst at Trend Micro.

Users may not know yet that their computers had been compromised, he said.

Like most worms, BlackMal propagates via email attachments and shared network storage, including popular peer-to-peer file sharing services.

To entice users to open the attachment, the worm employs common techniques, including the promise of pictures, pornographic content or a joke.

Though this worm utilises common propagation techniques, the code itself was anything but common, said Yaneza.

“This is a destructive virus that deletes and overwrites any number of files present on a user’s system, by targeting the most popular file formats,” he said.

In addition to losing a great deal of data, this virus also renders the keyboard and mouse inoperable.

Yaneza, who described the worm as a global threat, said it had affected computer systems in more than 150 countries.

Users were advised to update their anti-virus applications and perform a complete scan of their systems to ensure their computers had not been infected.

Dear all, don't open unknown Email attached files or documents. (Read the news from The STAR)
Take cares! Becareful on 3rd of FEB!!


Nelson said...


My computer works fine today!
No VIRUS!! WORMS!!....Clean!

What about yours?

kian hwa said...

Weng Leong,
My computer also not affected. Since this this a office computer, so far never attacked by any virus. Thanks for the MIS department to perform a good job.
As I go thru the contact list, there is no contact # for CK Ha. So, I think cannot locate him. For this CNY, Ipoh is quite quiet. Only have 1 street party behind Jaya Jusco. Since this year is fire dog year, the weather is very hot. No water & no rain. I think KL & Penang is more CNY fun. Let Weng Hwa & Kok Kian to update us. This year the nation wide CNY celebration is on Penang this satursday.

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