Tuesday, April 04, 2006

1st KCPian Gathering at Chee Lim's house

Hey hey hey KCPian!

What have we here?
Thanks Kok Kian for sending me these special photos.

Based on the above photo (with named made by Kok Kian) I can see Chee Lim's family, Weng Kit, Kwee Kheong, Chin Sung, and Kok Kian's family. Good! Wish I could join it too. Just wondering why the other didn't bring along their childrens and wife to join this gathering.

Er? Weng Kit looks very Slim, and he looks the same as KCP school times.

Err?? I thought Kwee Kheong and Weng kit were CHOR D!?
But this photo shows that only Kok Kian's kids were CHOR D.
Kok Kian, your son already knows how to "CHOR TAI D" liao, I think Weng Kit and Kwee Kheong will be looser soon.

The kids looks enjoying playing at Chee Lim's house.

This one is cute, I guess he was teaching Chee Lim's daughter "CHOR D".

But some problems happened!! Maybe he had gave a bad advised to her, She looks angry!!

I think we (KCPian) should have another reunion party someday, please do support it! I wish to see more faces soon.

Any comments from you?


wenghwa said...

whoa ha ha ha..
already started to train the next generation of tai ti king/queen.
great to see some of you are still get in touch with each other.

Kok Kian said...

Additional updates:

Kwee Kheong works in IBM. He is a technical person in the field of networking.

Wing Kit runs his own business in telephony / VOIP. He has some business with Telekom. So we can also direct our complaints of TM to him.

Chin Sung works for Sumitomo Plastic Machineris as technical specialist for plastic injection machines. He travels also oversea (so far heard him mentioned about Dubai, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, etc) to commission and trouble-shoot machines.

Chee Lim has just sold off his lubricate business and is now in water-treatment line. If you needs home filtration system, then call him.

As for me, MHE-Demag Malaysia Sdn Bhd as a Regional Product Manager. I travel like 5 - 10 days a month within ASEAN.