Sunday, March 12, 2006

Let's Meet Moong's Family!

Hei KCPian,

Recently, I have a short phone conference with Moong (SKYPE), it was a surprised to me. We had a good time to talk on-line, I remember actually we did not have any gathering nor parties since our graduation. Wow! 10 years passed already, I hope we (KCP) should keep updating each other because our life is short! Besides family, Friendship is important too! Please send yours photos to me.

Here is the photo from KC Moong:

Just a brief update of Moong's status. He is working in Dubai alone and his family still staying in Malaysia. He has been staying there about 6 months, everything is fine and good as informed. As you can see the recent photo of him above, he is still look the same compare to KCP school time (Except the spare tire). Moong's daughter is 3 years old now. Great!

To Moong,
Thank you for sending the photo to me, and I am still looking forward about the beauty of DUBAI CITY photos from you soon. Don't forget to send it to me!

Anyway, keep in touch! Please send my regards to your wife too!

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