Friday, April 21, 2006

Let's Meet Hun Song family

Hun Song's wife (Chong Chin) with Ming Jet.

An Email from Kok Kian (Date: 21st April 2006):
>>I visited Penang on 15 - 16 April and manage to meet up with Hun Song and Hock Yee.
Hun Song has opened another restaurant, closer to his house.
His new restaurant serves Chinese cusine with a Thai touch, which make it quite special.
I hope he will open one in KL some day.
Best wishes and good business to him.

We only concentrated on our children, so didn't not even take one picture of all of us together.
But I can say Hun Song has keep quite fit.
At least not much changes from KCP time.
-- Thanks,Kok Kian

On the left is my 10-month old little son, Ming Jet and on the right is Hun Song's 5-month old little son.Can you see the size difference.His son is bigger size than mine!I wonder what they feed him??? (See photo below)

Here is some photos to share:The girl is Hun Song's elder daughter, Zhou Shan and the boy is my elder son, Ming Le.Isn't she so cute and pretty.Mingle is lucky that he has such a beautiful "girl-friend". (See following photos)

KK, thanks for your update on Hun Song family and recent news.
Only one more request, please find Hun Song photo and send it to me.

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