Monday, February 13, 2006

SKYPE information!

Hei KCPian,

Just wanna to inform you all that, we (Weng Hwa, CK Ha, and I) had used SKYPE Free on-line phone conference system on 10th of Feb 2006 (Friday night, about 10:30pm (M'sia), 11:30pm (Japan) and 6:30pm (Mahe)). We have a greeat time to talks and chat about 1 hour.

Regarding the On-line Free phone conference, it's nearly perfect I think, almost no interruption or troubles occurred, the line is clear as Local call. Therefore, if you all interested to join us please leave a message on this blog. I hope we can have a chat someday too.

Just a short notice to you all that, CK Ha will install a Webcam soon. Weng Hwa and I do hoping to see the beautiful Island and the "BO-CHING-SA Babe" (Hokkien) at Mahe soon. :)
Thanks to CK Ha in advance! If you guys interest GET READY to install now! It's FREE!

Click here for registeration:


Nelson said...

Anybody is interested to On-line (SKYPE) tonight?

Just leave your message over here.
I will response you soon.

heng gee said...

i occassionally log on as hengg111. if u see me, give me a tinker. maybe it is good to catch up with you folks after 10 long years :)

Nelson said...

Hi Heng Gee!
Good to hear from you.
Maybe we can have a chat on this Friday night.

Anybody is interested to join?

heng gee said...

boleh juga. but it has got to be a bit later.

Nelson said...

Dear all,

Guess who's calling me last night?

MOong! from DUBAI.

Last night we (Moong Kai Chee (Civil eng.), CK Ha and I)have a phone conference through SKYPE system.

I got some update information from Moong, he had been staying in Dubai nearly 6 months now, everything is fine, great life style.

According to Moong information, the wheather at Dubai is not so hot now. The temperature is around 30C very close to Malaysia. But at night the weather is a bit cold which is around 12C.

Heng Gee, Maybe we can have another phone conference with you on this Friday night. Please confirm your available here. (Tentative: Time is 4:30pm at Dubai same goes to Mahe and 9:30pm at Japan, Malaysia time is around 8:30pm)

Whose else? You are welcome too!

Nelson said...

Moong Skype is kcmoong okay!