Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Latest update from LEONG WAI YAN

I believed this photo might be the latest one, cause I can see some different on her body......
(The 1st photo was took at Tainan High Speed Railway station)

This photo is shot at Taiwan's bus/train station (Taipei Train Station). A happy family time.

And this one not sure where is it, but Wai Yan look cute. Who took this photo for them?
(Latest update from Wai Yan, this photo was taken at Mt. ALISAN.)

Wai Yan's boy LEONG SHAO MING (4 years old), He look like his mother more than Wai Yan. Should be very active like his father at KCP time.

After chat with Wan Yan on Skype last night, I got some update of himself and his family. Currently Wai Yan is working at Taiwan but his family is not with him at the moment. He has changed company few months ago and now working on Taiwan's Hotel projects. His will be backed to Singapore on and off every 3 months and the project will be end by next year end 2008. The latest company of Wai Yan is based in Singapore and his wife is also working at Singapore now. Here are some photos from Wai Yan share with you.

Besides that, I have a good news from Wai Yan. He said that, soon he will be the father of 2 and should be a girl this time. Therefore, congratulations to him!

Is good to hear this news from KCPIAN. Please keep on update yourself to me and I will blog it into this blog.

Keep in touch KCPIAN!


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