Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let's Meet Tan Kok Liang family

Hey KCPian,

Have some update information of KCPian member from Kok Kian. Thanks!
I think I have not met Kok Liang for years, .... since working in KL. Wow! nearly a decade.

It was really a surprise to me, you are twice bigger than I know before.
Really can't believed that, the man on the photo is Kok Liang.
Maybe working in China is better lifestyle I guess.

Hey, Kok Liang you better do something........DIET please!
Anyway, I am happy to see you and your family members. Your daughter is CUTE!

Wish to see how he was? Click this
Kok Liang 10 years old photo

Any comments from you all?


kh loh said...

Wow, Look at the picture. Kok Liang is becoming look alike Samo Hung already. So, this is the reason that Kok Liang is works in China. I will try to dig out the old USM photo to show that before & after 10years for our 1996 USM graduate. Then we can have better picture on this.
Today is a sad day for Japan Football team as they lost at the world cup & go back now. Hope that tonight Korea can passed through.

Nelson said...

Hey Khloh,

SAMO Hung? New nickname for Kok Liang liao!

I think he is the only one who had changed the most compare to others. Champion! Surely no competitors.

Japan loooooose.........4 to Brazil. Well, I guess it was expected right, I don't think Brazil will lost to JAPAN, no way.

I think Japan got no LUCK for this time. Sometime LUCK will determine the result.

Kok Kian said...

Kok Liang may have change a lot in size, but he still still the same cheerful lot like 10 years ago... my family and I enjoyed great company with him, his wife and thier lovely daughter...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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